Tourism and conservation are great allies when properly managed. In our ecotourism center, we take very seriously the preservation of our environment: together with the rest of inhabitants of the area, we are responsible of the health of our jungle.

We invite you to discover, learn and enjoy this areas. We also ask you to follow –at all times– our guides and local team instructions. The jungle is always wild and they know the best way to show you around. Remember also that the jungle is a “lung”  for our planet: to preserve it is our duty.

If you are interested about our plans and projects, or are willing to collaborate and support our efforts, let us know: there is always a lot to do to help!

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    Both our cooperative and community possess a Unit for the Management and Conservation of Wildlife (UMA) for white tailed deer. We currently develop activities of breeding and exhibition.
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    We offer free Biodegradable Shampoo and Body Soap. We also have biodigester systems for waste, and encourage you to help us saving water and electricity. Help us to get rid of plastic and other polluting materials!
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    The economic benefits generated through Ecotourism have given us the opportunity to increase our surface for conservation: in 2011, we acquired 6.5 hectares (16 Acres) that are today reforested.
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    Ilegal timber of large trees is among the biggest challenges for Scarlett Macaw conservation: less tres means also lees places for nests, since they occupy big holes in large trees. As a solution, we elaborate artificial nests, so they can breed and procreate.
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    Setting up artificial nests has to be done with professional climbing gear and specialists in the field. Our experience has shown us that there is a need to avoid a too close relation to humans that could put them in peril of being caught by traffickers.
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    Preserving large trees from ilegal timber is crucial. Macaws have an important role in the ecosystem, since they spread seeds from the fruits they eat. They are the symbol of a healthy jungle.