Las Guacamayas WEB BLANCO

We belong to the ethnic group of the Chinantecos and migrated from the State of Oaxaca: on March 30th, 1976 we left Ojo de Agua, Tuxtepec, and arrived on April 11th that year to the town of Tlatizapan, today Zamora Pico de Oro.

It was only in 1980 that we officially formed the Reforma Agraria Ejido with 40 families. Since its creation, we sought for options of economical improvement: in 1981 we started a project to grow corn, beans, and cacao, among others… without success until 1985 when we started with chili, which has been very important for us.

In 1989, we became interested in projects of environmental education and were proposed a development alternative for our community. This is how in 1991 the Scarlet Macaw conservation project started, endorsed by the Indigenous National Institute (INI) who laid 30 artificial nests. In 1996 the Cooperative Society “Ara Macao” was created with 16 partners and grants from the Tourism Ministry (SECTUR) to build infrastructure.

Today, we have a total surface of  2463 hectares:  172  for agriculture, 768 for cattle raising, 40 for urban zone, 20 for schooling area, and 1463 for permanent reserve. We are located in the Buffer zone of the Biosphere Reserve of Montes Azules, one of the most important, because of its diversity.

Our cooperative, now formed by 20 partners (men and women) has worked hard to protect several species and our ecosystem. We love to take care of the Scarlet Macaw and share our experience. Join us to share our dream!